BDC PILATES | Group Lessons


Group Lesson

All of our instructors teach based on an anatomical and medical approach to meet the training each client requires.
Our methods are based on the knowledge we built from training dancers, and years spent on understanding the human physiology.
What you will take back from taking BDC PILATES lessons:
- Enhance proper body alignment. You’ll realize that your posture is naturally improved.
- Create a body that burns more energy, essential to creating and maintaining a fit physique.
- Strengthen core muscle, which is especially important for athletes.
- Massage your inner organs through breathing method.
- Rehabilitation for any injuries.


English reformer classes are for those who are already used to using reformers. Intermediate level.

Core Jump(55min.)

We will utilize the jump board for more active engagement of your core and enhance movement of your hip joints.

For reservation

Please email us your name, phone number, and the number of people attending to

*Since the number of slots are limited per lesson, we recommend that you reserve at least one day in advance.